18 May 2011

Drunken Antics

So today is J's birthday. He's officially 31 and I helped him ring it in. Yesterday after class I stopped by work for dinner and just stayed, I was avoiding going home. I hung out with a coworker, V, and made plans to drink at her place after close. Well when everyone came out, she was too busy making out with her boyfriend, who also works with us, that when J and our night supervisor were going for a drink, I tagged along. I was a little worried about how J would act, this was the first time we'd seen each other since making out in my car a few days ago, but he didn't act any different.

Our supervisor stayed for one drink and a smoke, leaving J with me. He did sit on the phone with R making later plans, but I was nursing my rum and pineapple I didn't mind much. We hung out there for a while and eventually R and the day supervisor, A, came to invite us out. After arguing with J that he was not driving my car after 7 beers, we were on our way to A's house.

At his house, I pulled out my two five packs of malt liquer, one of each had been drank. There was two cases of beer in the house, weed, and spice. The four of us drank ourselves silly. R and I danced like drunk girls do, which made A a little too excited. XD We loudly talked about sex, lesbian porn, and stalker. A blunt was passed around. Now, I only smoke when I'm drunk, and boy was I drunk. When R and A went outside, I finally gave J his birthday hug followed by many drunken kisses.

I'm pretty sure at one point two packs of hot dogs were cooked and devoured. It was a funny sight. After that point, it started to calm down. I was laying on the couch trying to stay awake, R was doing to same on the loveseat. A went into his son's room and passed out. J asked if he could join me on the couch, so I scooched over as much as possible and he laid down next to me. At some point during the night, he stopped trying to hide we have something going on. He practically kissed me in front of A a few hours earlier. So now with R right next to us fast asleep, we began making out. I confessed I liked him, and had since I started working with him. We discussed the nine year age difference and kissed more once we decided it didn't bother either of us. Things did get heated. We had our hands down each other's pants at some point or another. He tried to get me to have sex with him, but R was literally a foot away. I told him to wait until we were alone and sober. He complained a bit, tried a few more times, but eventually let it go. We ended up falling asleep cuddled on the couch.

I swear I've never heard so many alarms going off in one morning before. I had to pry myself off the couch multiple times to pee and to turn off my alarm. A overslept and woke up 15minutes into his shift. That also left three drunk people in his house with his son. A gave R the responsibility of getting him to elementary school when she woke up, which wasn't until quarter to one. Most people know, schools don't let kids in when the day is half over, let alone two hours from close. R had to leave to clean up for work, leaving J and I to hunt down the babysitter since I had work and he had birthday plans. We eventually found him and I drove J home. We sat and talked for a little while. I got my good bye kiss and left.

I ran around for a few hours after cleaning up at my nana's. Once I got to work, I talked to A as he was leaving and gossiped about the night with R since our shifts overlapped. I left work 5$ richer and tired hours later. But I did get a text from J saying he wished I was there. Too cute.

So tell me what you think. What are your opinions on a 31 year old and a 21 year old together?


lifeslyrics28 said...

I've never thought age mattered much, personally. Unless of course it's illegal-which yours isn't-so I say go for it. Feelings and the mutual connection are what matter!

StellaCollector said...

9 years between my partner and I never been a problem
30 is not old anyway yet...

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

21 and 31? That's so hot! Plus then again, what's the age factor got to do with it? I dated a guy who was 35 when I was 21. Great times! XD

Jess said...

I love you PB. XD