08 May 2011

We're Awesome

Momz and I have the greatest idea. It's going to take loads of planning and tons of enthusiasm but I'm ready. Are you?!

Welcome to my family ice cream shoppe. Yes, I'm officially spelling it in the old timey way because it makes it that much cooler. It's going to be a Cape Cod themed place and like me, it'll be awesome. You see, our town has a serious lack of ice cream parlors. Every once in a while we get a epic craving for ice cream and there's no where to go in a ten mile radius. We have to be desperate enough to go to McDonald's for a tiny ice cream if we get anything. Not cool.

Butterscotch dip. <3

Crunch coat!

We'll bring dips, crunch coats, and jimmies to the South. They're fucking jimmies, not sprinkles! Leave that weak shit outside. We haven't seen one place that does dips since Cape, it's simply tragic. Sundaes are going to be named after various Cape landmarks. Like the Mayflower, it's a banana boat. Pretty clever, huh?
I'm excited. I hope we actually do this. We've been talking about it for a while but we seriously talked about it tonight, permits and costs and such. I'll keep you posted!


Diego said...

Awesome indeed. A badass business plan if I've ever heard one. I can't wait to read about this thing materializing :)

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Oh this rocks! Big time.
Have you thought of adding an ice cream yoghurt line? I just think it's a great addition to your line for the health conscious types.
Good luck!

Justina F. Lee said...

Sounds frickin awesome. It'll be a big hit I bet.