29 April 2011

2am Romanticism

I sat down with the intention of ranting about something that seems relevant to my 1:30am brain but only one thing seems to be on my mind. My head is filled with romantic images and love that's getting harder and harder to put into new words. Love is still such a difficult emotion for me, I've built walls up around my heart that have been there for years. In the past three years I've pretended to be in love just to receive the love I craved but it never worked out the way I hoped for. I still have many of those walls up, but I feel like they're coming down little by little each day, with each conversation. It's my greatest wish right now to see this through regardless of what obstacles may be there. If this is truely fate like you believe, then I believe that we'll find a way to make it work.

My favorite band and yes, they're Canadian. <3


LFC_Loads said...

I hope I can be the one to break down those walls.

You are adorable babe <3

Jess said...

I think you will be. You've gotten this far. <3

You're more adorable.