25 April 2011

Killer Dels

"Jess! Come quick! Jess!"

I was sitting in my room when I heard Mom calling for me. I run out of my room to see what's wrong.

"Jess, Dels got a mouse! Come look! JESS!"

I stand in the doorway of the mudroom and look down where Mom's finger leads. Beneath the steps I see my cat Dels. In front of him I see a seemingly dead small brown animal. Dels is acting so proud of his kill and casually bats the poor animal. The creature moves and I see ears that don't belong to a mouse.


I scream and run down the stairs. I take a few pictures to document my cat's tragedy against adorable bunnies. It looks not even a month old, absolutely tiny. Dels bats it another time with his paw and the bunny moves.


I shoo Dels away and rescue the poor bunny from his torture. I carry him into the house in a towel and demand someone find me a box or anything to keep him in. The bunny's hind quarters seem to be very hurt and the back legs drag a little.

 I make sure the bunny is okay and fix up the makeshift home. I stuff newspaper in the bottom of the box, wash off soft carrots, and find a water dish.

Poor Bunny is now in Mom's day bath since that's the coolest place in the house, I didn't want bunny to overheat in my room. I sweat my balls off in here, imagine what it would do to a baby bunny!

I have a little speculation as to why Dels targeted this poor baby animal. Yesterday afternoon, Dels showed up with a chunk missing from his front leg. I'm thinking the adult rabbit bit him since Dels chases them around the yard all the time. As revenge, Dels decided to take out his attacker's young. I thoroughly disapprove.

I've named the bunny Winnie since it's gender neutral. Bunny will either be a Winefred or a Winston, so it's Bunny Winnie. I fed Winnie watered down milk with a dropper, which he didn't like too much. Though I think a few drops actually made it. I'm going to save this bunny.

I'll keep you updated on Operation Save Bunny Winnie.


dead-girl said...

so sweet ♥

dead-girl said...

oh i meant the bunny not Del

LFC_Loads said...

That thing is only a bit cute.....

Jess said...

Well your cuteness factor would be down if your hind leg was almost torn off! I'm saving Winnie, I fed with with a dropper when I got home from work.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Aww ... I hope Winnie gets better soon. Am glad he/she found a home. Maybe baby vitamins would help in speeding up recovery.