26 April 2011

Well, That's Different.

I was in the Shop like every day and one thread turned to sex, the good ones usually do. This spawned the conversation about different fetishes. It was requested I make a post about mine, here you go.

*Disclaimer: This post is going to get wicked weird and personal. The weak heart need not read further. I also want you to keep in mind in no way do I force any of my interests on the unwilling partner. I've gotten pretty good at quieting my interests.*

As an general overview I'm a bisexual sadomasochist switch with a few rather out there side interests.

Bisexuala person sexually responsive to both sexes
I've always known I was attracted to both genders, it was never a question in my mind. Even as a child I knew girls made me feel the same way boys did. I didn't find a name for it until I was fourteen. When I first heard what bisexual meant that voice in my head started jumping around saying, "That's it!" I was always more self conscious  around girls, I found them harder to crack. Men were easy. But I'm personally never referred to myself as straight.

Sadomasochistgratification, especially sexual, gained through inflicting or receiving pain
I'm into pain. I like causing it and receiving it. If all I want is sex, then I want my partner to pretty much beat me. I want them to spank me, choke me, claw my back, bite me. And I want to do those in return. Sex isn't good unless it hurts. I've been thrown against a wall or two at some point. It's not uncommon for me to leave the bedroom covered in bruises and bleeding or my partner for that matter. 

Switchrefers to a person who enjoys both topping and bottoming, or being dominant and submissive
I honestly have no greater preference to being either dominant or submissive during a sexual encounter. I'm fine going either way. Usually it depends on which my partner happens to be and I just fall into the other role. other times it's purely mood dependent. I might be in a little more controlling mood when I just want to pin down my partner and order them around. Other times I just want to lay there and take it. 

So the side interests. One is more of a fantasy while the other is a fetish, I recently found a term that seems appropriate to my situation.

Rape fantasya sexual fantasy in which sex partners create sexual arousal by one partner imagining or pretending being coerced, or otherwise being forced into a sexual activity.
This sort of plays into the sadomasochism switching. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to get raped and I'm not glorifying it. If I was to ever act this out it would only be with someone I trusted and it would be 100% consensual. Basically I've always had this fantasy of a man (my trusted partner) bursting into a room, throwing me down, and having his way. I'd want to be pinned down, choked, and bruised up. I always feel weird discussing this, so I've only mentioned it to one person. I always feel like I'm going to get bitched out for having a fantasy about someone getting attacked.

Paraphilia: sexual interest in blood
Most would call it vampirism. However, I don't just randomly get a craving for blood and have an aversion to sunlight. Mine interest is purely sexual and I've never had an interest in joining a vampire coven. I always loved vampires, it was actually my high school nickname because I used to bit my boyfriend's neck to the point it was constantly bruised. That was four years before I was introduced to the more intense side. Like I mentioned, I've always bit a lot. So when a partner of mine suggested I try out his interest, I agreed. During sex, I enjoy both blood letting and drinking. See, I can never pick a side. Blood letting can cause an endorphine rush, especially if you're into the situation from the get-go. Endorphines make you happy. Blood drinking on the other hand, it can be an adrenaline rush because you're taking something from someone. It's about being the dominant person. 


Mr. Gargus said...

I've never understood the pain thing. idk, just not into it. Some bondage though, does sound pretty intriguing. Now with the blood, I've never heard of it before. Sounds interesting, but not really into it interesting.

Jess said...

To each their own is all. I know what I like isn't what everyone else is into, which is why I never force my interests on my partners.

Diego said...

Damn, I was actually close to outing my own fascination with "rape fantasy" in the Shop but I thought, as a male, having an interest in such things would make me look, well, like a wannabe rapist. Which I'm so not. Rape is most definitely bad.

However, playing at it, when its consensual, seems very...exciting? Having full control or losing all control of another or your body is what I think interests me about it.

Blood is fine too.

Jess said...

Rape fantasies are actually wicked common. Most people just don't admit them because of the obvious stigma. I'm just glad someone got what I meant. I deff don't condone rape in any way.

I love blood drinking but I don't get to do it often. People get touchy when you tell them you want to claw their chest until they bleed so you can lick the wounds.

julie said...

wow i dig. i'm not into real pain/choking/etc at all, but i have recently discovered open mouth deep teething (up and down) on necks and shoulders to be GREAT! feeling my partner squirm, gasp, and moan in delight from the sensation is such an immense turn on! ehh.

i've found menses play to be a lot of fun, though not too many girls are cool with it all. it's kinda surprising though, because most girls i know are insanely horny during their periods.

Jess said...

I know I'm wicked horny when I'm ragging. XD

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

I love Rape Fantasies or role plays.
But I am not into the all of the rough and tumble and choke kind of pain.
My vampiric fantasies border on the surreal. I literally want to have a vampire bite me and "turn" me. :)
"Ragging" horniness is hormonal.

Jess said...

Being a vampire would be pretty sweet, I love them, but I don't think I'm cut out for immortal life. I'm having enough trouble with this mortal one. XD

jamiessmiles said...

Blood drinking... guess that renders condoms useless, lol, well for me anyway. See right away, not sexy. Hey maybe just me. I bite, but never hard enough for blood. But rap fantasies I think are quite commona and a great sex game.