08 April 2011

Some Musings: Spoken Word and Poetry

I've had this scenario dancing through my head for the last few days. We're hand and hand walking along the beach. I've always felt more at home near the ocean, but you being there just made it perfect. Rain begins to fall and I'm immediately filled with utter happiness. I want to dance along the beach with someone I care about. I want to feel completely at home with such happiness that I never want it to end. I long to pull you close in my arms and share it all with you. Share a perfect moment with the perfect kiss. Feeling your lips on mine, you arms around me, that love just radiating off the two of us floating off to sea. So hold me close and never let go. Don't let go of the moment, of the kiss, of me.


I wish you didn't wait
I wish you told me
I wish you told the truth
I wish I knew

It was all lies
It was all for pretend
It was never love to you
It was only physical

You promised me happines
You promised me love
You promised me a better life
You promised me the world

And now I sit here and write about you
You'll be a part of my life forever
That was the only truth you kept


The smile that appears across my face
It has never felt so out of place
I attempt to fake happiness, laughter
I attemp to be someone's perfect daughter
Cracks are beginning to show, I'm wearing thing
If I never left

My heart fills with the memories of you
All the obstacles I never had to go through
I want to be back in your loving embrace
Just one more time to have the happy face
The afternoon wasted, photos taken
Keepsakes I took without thanking (you)
What if I never left

If I never left you
If I never left us
If I never left the possibilities


Eeshie said...


*takes deep breaths to calm herself*

Jess said...


You're awesome and now one of my favorite people. =]