23 April 2011

Pick Up Or Delivery?

I finally got a job after five months of unemployment. It's a half hour drive away, but most everything is. For now I'll be working in a pizza shop to make my dough. I came home smelling of tomatoes and dirty water with a slightly more than pounding headache. I overcharged someone 15$ today because I couldn't keep the thousands of specials straight. But it was only my second day so I'm not caring too much, it was resolved in the end.

I didn't work long today, but I didn't get much sleep last night so I'm pretty tired. I'm going to lay in bed and talk to the most adorable person I know. Good night, bloggers.


Justina F. Lee said...

HAHA at my restaurant where I waitress, It's

"For here or To go?"

If its any consolation, I was ONE MISTAKE away from being fired.

jamiessmiles said...

yay for you. That is awesome you found a job.