14 April 2011

Why Hello 3am

I'm sitting here at 3am and I'm not sure exactly what to write. All I know is I really wish I was back on Cape Cod and with my best friend. It's times like this when I miss her most and talking with her over Facebook just isn't enough. Sometimes a girl just needs her best friend for more than just support. I miss you, love, I honestly do. I love you and wish I was with you so we could creep on boys and drink until we fall down. This vodka would taste a whole lot better if you were with me. And perhaps I wouldn't be twitching as much, hm... not sure what that is about. Though I do shake when I'm upset, so that could be it. Hopefully a few more shots will fix that.

So sweetie, come to me.

1 comment:

cpsr said...

Hmm, life is full of twitches. When there are no more twitches then you have something to really be concern about. Twitching means there is life and that is better than no life at all, so twitch on sister twitch on.((((((((((*)(*)))))))))))))