12 April 2011

Yes Kind Sir, Please Continue...

I've got ink on the brain, so I decided it's tattoo day. I'm going to show some skin and sketches of my work. I should start at the beginning...

I was a young girl of 14 and wanted someone to shove a ink dipped needle into my flesh repeatedly. I was such a strange child and having a tattoo covered mother, I got my wish. A month before my 15th birthday I was brought to a parlor and told to pick what I wanted. This happened in New York where the age is 16 but being friends with the artist caused him not to ask too many questions. I sat down, he shaved my back, and took the pain like a goddamn trooper. This is the glorious result.

Yes, I got a tramp stamp at 14, but I love it. I was the only freshman at school to have a tattoo, everyone thought it was fake. Yeah, like I'm going to reapply a temporary tattoo every morning to fool people. XD

Three years later at the age of 17, I got the itch again. My aunt was having a tattoo party at her house so after working a 8hr work shift, I drove the two hours to her place. I hadn't eaten all day, so when I sat down, threw my leg on the table and the needle came down on my leg, I immediately felt light headed. I was given food but practically choked. I was sent to lay down and finish up later. My lesson of the day? Never get tattooed on an empty stomach. When I finally finished, I got this.

Honestly, it sucks. I need to get it redone. The color is all splotchy and the lines are off. When I get it touched up, I want a dragon below it and make it look more like fire.

Tattoo three, I was 19. My friend was training to be a tattoo artist and was offering free tattoos to those who agreed to be test dummies. I went over to his place, hiked up my skirt, and watched Horton Hears A Who. It was an odd experience with my guy at the time wiping the ink as the guy I had a thing for came at me with the needle. Didn't help they were both zeroed in on my lady parts.

Yeah, that's my hip and that black line above it is my undies, I got a tattoo next to my vag. Get over it. :p As far as free ink goes, it's pretty good. Especially for being only the third he had done.

I have plans for a bunch more at this point. I want a Virgo symbol behind my ear, possibly with a snake, which is my Zodiac animal. I mentioned the dragon below the heart on my leg. It would be breathing the heart the the tail would go down to my foot. I'm currently designing a Cape Cod themed one for my other foot. It's going to be a bunch of shells, a conch being the most prominent. I'm considering getting the heart made of clefs, one clef on each wrist. The one I want the most is based on my poetry and the picture is below.

It will be behind my shoulder. A raindrop with a ball of fire in it, going from my shoulder to the base of my neck with a smaller drop going up to the hair line. It's just going to be a pretty penny since it has every color imaginable. XD

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