03 April 2011

Pedro Alonso Lopez


Date of Birth: October 8, 1948
Date of Death: ?
MO: Rape, Murder
Victim Count: 300+
Nicknames: The Monster of the Andes

Pedro was born in Columbia to a prostitute, making him one of thirteen. In 1957 when he was eight, his mother caught him touching his younger sister and kicked him out of the house. An older man picked him up and brought him to a deserted house where Pedro was sodomized multiple times. An American family took him in when he was twelve, enrolling him in a school for orphans, though ran away after being molested by one of his male teachers. At age eighteen, Pedro did some jail time. He claims to have been gang raped and killed three of the men that raped him while still in jail.

Once released from jail, Pedro began hunting young girls in Peru. By 1978 he claims to have killed over 100. Around this time he was caught by a native tribe who planned to execute him for his crimes. An American missionary intervened and convinced them to hand him over to the police, who soon released him. After the release, Pedro traveled to Columbia then Ecuador, killing about three girls a week.

Pedro was arrested in 1980 during a botched abduction, at which point he confessed to over 300 murders of young girls. The Ecuadorian authorities didn't believe him until a mass grave of his victims was unearthed during a flash flood. Ecuador released him for good behavior in 1994 and Pedro was deported to Columbia. However, he was arrested just an hour earlier as an illegal immigrant and Columbia charged him for a murder that occured twenty years prior. Pedro was declared insane and put into a psychiartric hospital. Four years later, 1998, he was released on bail once more once the hospital believed he was sane.

2002, Interpol advised for his capture once more over a fresh murder. Pedro hasn't been seen since his release in 1998. No one knows for sure whether or not he's still alive.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he looks like a rapist

Ed Villatoro said...

Very interesting. Dope blog!!!

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