15 April 2011

Dorking It Old Skool

This set up is now in a different location in my room - two feet from my bed. The only reason I even still have this ancient equipment is for the sole purpose of my geekdom. Walk into my room and on your left you'll see the bulky tv on top of the equally old vcr. My four controllers chill out underneath so I can have epic gaming parties should I ever have people over. I managed to hold onto about 42 games, though my favorite was lost. I have everything from racing games on every motorized vehicle to fighting games in all arenas to game shows to sports to stories. I never got a hang of the new systems. Honestly, I'm lost if you hand me the controller to XBox 360, my characters aren't going to be walking in a straight line. I'll shoot without discretion and miss 95% of the time. You'd hate to have me on your team, but love me on the opposite team for the easy kill. Set me up with some old skool N64 Mortal Kombat and I'll kick your ass. Same goes for MarioKart. You see, I kick it old skool when I play my video games. I never got into a gaming system quite like I did with the Nintendo 64. When I first got it all those years ago, I pretty much peed myself with excitement and went on to waste many days in front of the television screen. It was a pretty short list of the things I did when I was younger: read; sleep; play N64. The tv only existed for my games. 

My favorite? Hands down Conker's Bad Fur Day. Being that squrriel was the most entertaining thing I had ever seen. I generally went straight for the bazooka and shot some poor animal until I could see his tail flying through the air. though the chainsaw usually gave an equally satisfying level of gore. My favorite scene from that game was part of an abandoned building. Walk into the  bathoom and you lose all your weapons temporarily. So what do you use should someone walk in on you? Well simply drop trou and pee. Acid pee. I loved that shit. I would sit in that bathroom for ages simply peeing on everything that came in my sight. That squrriel was pretty much the coolest thing in my mind. Unfortunately Brother, being the bonehead he is, lost it. I've been searching old skool game stores for years but still haven't found it. So if anyone finds it, my birthday is in a few months. Just saying.

One more game review, this was and still my second favorite. It's a take on Mortal Kombat, but all the fighters are mutants. There's multiple arenas with varying difficulties, each is equally fun. Whenever I'm playing with someone and they agree MarioKart can be saved for another time, this is the game I pull out. The fighters are all twisted looking and have different mutant powers. It's also pretty easy to play even if you're a gaming novice. Like most fighting games, at least the way I learn, pressing random buttons is an effective method to kill your opponent.

Ps. I've been singing this song all day. <3

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