07 April 2011

Burger Bowl Off! & Bored Antics

I just saw this and it absolutely made my day. I was on the verge of falling of the couch and peeing my pants. If anyone ever wants to do this with me, just let me know. I'd love to throw a burger at some random dude on the streets. =D

In other news, I managed to get the internet password from Uncle. Though it did take trial and error. He had forgotten. XD It's been pretty good here so far, like having my own place for the weekend. The dogs have been good and got a treat for not escaping through Houdini like powers and running amok through the streets while I slept. For three full grown pits, they're pretty big sweethearts. The male is a total lady's man and needs to be by my side the entire time he's out of his kennel. Silly dog. XD

I'll be having a Harry Potter marathon for the rest of the day, so I'm skipping class. Harry Potter is much more entertaining than math. Who cares if there's a test next seated class, that's two weeks away. So if anyone wishes to entertain me or simply join my marathon you're more than welcome. =D

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