20 April 2011

The List

The hot celebrity lists are going around in the blogging world. It personally came to my attention from Petite over at Coffee and Smokes Chat. I'm going to do my list of any famous person that I would do if given the chance and you my lovely bloggers lucked out with the bisexual. Both men and women will grace my list so neither gender or orientation will feel neglected. Enjoy my favorite hotties!

Bangable Celebrities


Jesse Metcalfe

Michael Cera

Justin Long

Channing Tatum

David Beckham

Ryan Reynolds

Jared Leto


Zooey Deschanel

Ellen Page

Megan Fox

Natalie Portman



Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Oh hell yeah, Zooey and Megan are in my bangable list if I were a dude.

Jess said...

Zooey is my number one celebrity crush, well... Besides Michael Cera. XD