14 April 2011

You Are Glorious

Here's a happy song. =D

My day did a total 180. I woke up this morning in a grumpy, half drunken stupor and was ready to rip off heads for just daring to look my way. I was angry, barely talking to anyone. Mainly because of my awful drunken temper that I felt the need to take out on people the night before just for speaking the truth. I fell back asleep to a crime show about a dismembered body and had wonderful dreams of murder. I was woken almost two hours later and dragged outside to do lawn work. Believe me, I was not too happy about the assignment but nonetheless, I pulled on some jeans, a tank top, and slipped into some cute ballet flats. I grudgingly walked out the front door, and wow.

The day was just so beautiful it immediately lifted my spirits. Sunshine really does make you feel better. It increases endorphin and serotonin production which lifts your mood and makes you feel just incredible. Sun just gives you that overall sense of well being. Spending a few hours with your bare feet sinking into the soil with a rake in your hands is honestly a great way to waste an afternoon. I ripped up weeds with my bare hands and helped tear out an old cactus. That was a challenge, I had to play doctor many times since I'm the only one with eyes good enough to manage the tweezers around the tiny spurs. ...Speaking of, I was just called out. XD I was very tempted to stay outside all day and just tan, which I did for a little while. I laid out on the 4wheeler and dozed off for a bit. Brother snuck a picture of me because he's a little butt.

Here's a few more pictures of our day. Mine got cut a little short because I had to cook dinner for Momz before she has to head off to work. Which is why I'm now sitting here talking to you guys. =]

My tan break.
Momz and Brother adding mulch.
All the plants I dug out.
Momz obviously loves my camera happy tendencies.
It's a good day.
My neighbors got married over the weekend. Congrats!

Quote of the day:
Turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you. Wishing I'd realized what I had when you were mine.
Taylor Swift

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