02 April 2011

Christopher Wilder


Here's my Australian. =D

Date of Birth: March 13, 1945
Date of Death: April 13, 1984
MO: Rape, Torture, Murder
Victim Count: 8+
Nicknames: The Beauty Queen Killer

Wilder was born in Sydney Australia but almost died during the birth. He was survived only to almost drown at two. In 1962/1963, he plead guilty to a gang rape on a Sydney beach and was put on probation with a side of electroshock therapy. This therapy may have intensified his violence sexual tendencies. His favorite book,  The Collector by John Fowles, was about a man who keeps a woman against her will in a basement until she dies. He practically had it memorized and he had a copy on his person when he died.

Wilder has been linked to the 1965 Wanda Beach Murders that occurred in Cronulla, though he was one of three suspects. Two 15 year old girls went missing and their bodies were found the following day. This case is still unsolved.

Wilder was married in 1968 but his wife left him a week later, must have been a wicked shitty husband. The following year he moved to the States, settling in Florida. He became quite interested in photography and started asking various girls to pose for him, often nude. He was in and out of court for various counts of sexual misconduct during the years 1971 and 1975. Wilder returned to Australia in 1982 to visit his parents and was charged with sexual offenses against two 15 year old girls. Once his parents posted his bail, he was allowed to go home to the States until trial, which was set for 1984, though he died before the date.

In February 1984, Wilder began raping and murdering models. There's been eight confirmed, though the possibility there was more is quite high.  By mid March, Wilder was on the run and was caught in New Hampshire April 13. Wilder died by an accidental gunshot from his own weapon during the fight with the arresting officers.

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