17 April 2011

More From the Notebook

I hope I haven't posted any of these before. If I have, oh well - read them again. =]

That late night is all that crosses my mind. It didn't feel right but I never listen to my heart. I only think with my mind, finding the easiest way, finding a means to an end. I put all my chips on you. If this didn't work, I'd be left with what I had before - nothing. You were never the one, but the one that passed the time.


Gone without a word, leaving me waiting
I never saw this coming through the laughing
My eyes didn't fill with the normal sea
My heart didn't ache like it should
Turns out I lied to myself as well as you
I thought I cared, I thought I felt happiness
I thought this was companionship

It may as well been a ghost, for I felt no loss
My world didn't shatter, I hod no memories to erase
The only emotion I felt in your absence was anger
Anger, not as you, but the situation, the game
I felt as if I had lost a game I didn't know I was a part of


Tears stain this page
I can't keep it all together
One minute filled with rage
The next I'm broken on the floor
I want to make myself whole again
Can you help me?

Shattered into pieces
I can no longer function
Expired are the leases
Gone is the power, water
I want to make myself whole again
Can you help me?

I've never been broken this way
This is all so new to me
He never took me seriously when I said goodbye
Always reeling me back in for more
I want to make myself whole again
Please - help me

1 comment:

dead-girl said...

that is so sad :( hope your feeling better and hope you find what you need which is to love and be loved

i know how bad it can hurt to be alone :(