28 December 2010

Delia Doesn't Understand Snow

We had a rather large snowfall a few days ago. I hate snow, that's why I moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina. My little Delia is only five months old and having spent her small life in the south, the snow took her by surprise. I let her outside and she just began scratching at the snow, trying to figure out what it was. She bounded down the steps eager to further explore the strange cold, white stuff.

She pounced every few inches, trying to catch whatever was on the ground. She was so confused. By the way, yes she does have a coat on. Cats need to bundle up, too! She looks like a tiny Sherock Holmes in that coat. I watched her for a good while jumping every which way making small foot prints in the snow. She's always loved the outdoors, but I think the snow was a new toy for her and she lovd it.

Once she was done, she ran inside and tried to warm back up. Snow dotted her brown coat and slowly melted. She was shivering slightly but was fine in no time. Delia was inside for a mere ten minutes before wanted to go back outside to her winter wonderland. She sat by the front door waiting for anyone to open the door the slight crack she needed to squeeze through. It came soon enough, she can meow like a champ when she wants something bad enough.

My wonderful kitten really does love her snow. She simply can't get enough of it. <3


ceramicmatters said...

She is so Sweet! I have only been in snow once in my life; you might see a post about me jumping around in snow one day . . .

Jess said...

I grew up in the North so snow wa a regular occurance for me. I was told I wouldn't have snow once I moved south, but they lied!