07 December 2010

Like That Akon Song I Love

Ah to be home in comfy sweats in my warm, warm bed! It was such a long day and honestly I'm wicked glad it's over. I can't wait until I leave the house for fun and not for errands. It's getting pretty old only leaving with my family and not because I have a date or plans with a friend. I know it sounds a little whiney but I'm pretty lonely now. It's really not that I'm just lonely because I'm single and don't have my own personal cuddle buddy. I just miss having a huge group of friends and tons of plans. You'd get bored too if you sat at home all day with no one but your brother and cat. XD

So far the only times I'm been asked on an outting, not including the friend I did make, is by completely creeperish men with the sole goal of getting in my panties. Yes, there are pretty great panties but there's more to a girl than her undergarments. I wish I could just meet one decent prospect to talk to. Or perhaps just a more active social life. I can be a pretty social girl, I love me some dancing and drunken antics! I promise I'm not all that boring. =] I guess for now I'll have to settle for all my friends via internet connection. Internet based friends are better than no friends!

That's all she wrote for today, folks. I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully give a more fulfilling rant or rambling...

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