06 December 2010

Insanity and Superheroes

Mom: When I retire, I think I'm going to have huge garden, some dogs, and maybe some chickens.
Jess: CHICKENS?! You're going to have chickens?!
Mom: Yep. For the free eggs.
Jess: But where will you get them?
Mom: You can find them online and get them as babies, Jess. It's not that hard.
Jess: ... I want baby chickens.
Mom: Okay, you can get some when we move.
Jess: But I want them now. I want pet chickens. They can live in my room. Can you please get me chickens next time you go to North Carolina?!
Mom: *laughing* Well, your aunt is coming here this week. Ask her.
Jess: I will!

*ring ring riiiiiiiiing*

Aunt: Hey Jess, what's up?
Jess: I want some baby chickens. Can you get some for me?
Aunt: *long pause* ARE YOU ON CRACK?!?!?!?!?!
Jess: No, I just want pet chickens. Please? Two, so they don't get lonely.
Aunt: Fiiiiine, I guess as long as your mother agrees.
Jess: She did she did she did she did! Yaaaaaaay!
Aunt: I should be back in Mass in two days, meet me in Brockton to get them.
Jess: I will! I can't wait! I love you, thank you so much!
Aunt: *laughing* No problem, love you too girl.


Jess: Mom! She's bringing me baby chickens!
Mom: *laughing* You're such a strange child. I wonder about you sometimes...

I immediately set up a cage in my bedroom closet of my Cape Cod townhouse and start thinking of names. I was told I'd be getting a black chick and a golden one. Going through various baby chicken name brainstorm sessions we come across Captain America. I personally think Captain Planet is way cooler and choose that name within seconds of it entering my mind. Superheroes... Hmm... another superhero... Hmmm... Well, Aquaman is pretty awesome in my book but he'd only be cool if he was black. With that the black chick was dubbed Aquaman and the golden as Captain Planet.

Unfortunately the ones I had picked were too young to make the North Carolina - Massachusetts journey so I ended up with a golden and white. The golden was very obvious a rooster, while the other was a hen. The rooster just had to be Aquaman because well, it's AquaMAN. Captain Planet is a pretty girls name anyways.
They were my secret superheroes and I loved them. I still love them, even if they are all grown up and big.  loved being "that girl with chickens in her room", even if they did escape occasionally and steal my bed. =D


Biohazard said...

OMG! Do you still have chickens?

Jess said...

We do still have some. Three hens I believe?