28 December 2010

The Post Where I Get Way Too Personal

This post is going to be decievingly short. I feel like I need to put my page break way near the beginning just in case I have a few touchy or young readers. Believe me, this post is not going to be about my cute kitten. At least not the one on the My Life page. So be forewarned that this post is not intended for the light hearted.

Have you ever had a completely random, slightly anonymous romp in the sheets? Well I have. I mean, I must have or this post would've been wicked short. This is going to be the recounting of my most recent encounter, and quite possibly the hottest.

I met this young man via internet. Yes, I do use dating websites. Yes, I am embarassed by it. And no, I will never admit to having met a boy off the internet to my family. We had spoken for many weeks with sexy emails, hot sexts, steamy phone calls and nude pictures back and forth. Basically, we each wanted to jump each other's bones. Even though I was younger, I was the more experienced. He had only lost his virginity the year before and while he had racked up his sexual exploits, they were horribly vanilla. I am a saucey little devil and love to mix it up, so of course I told him I'd play teacher. It was sure to be a hot night.

I got two days off so I drove the four hours to meet him, but timing was off and I had to wait several hours. Though once he was in my car, the slight awkwardness began to set it. It was yes, I did just drive four hours for a night of hot sex with a man I never met awkward. But we worked through and eventually ended up at the hotel room. He quickly jumped in the shower and I made myself a very strong mimosa. I was slightly buzzed by the time he came back to me. We settled on the couch for a movie and while we both sipped our drinks, we slowly got closer to each other. By the time my second drink was gone, I turned to him and planted my lips on his. I thrust my tongue in his mouth and explored his mouth for the first time. We separated and moved the laptop we were watching movies on. We hungrily kissed and ripped our clothes off. I lay there in my best lingerie and waited for him to touch me once more.

He ran his tongue down the length of my body and kissed my pussy before taking off my lace panties. He buried his face into me and circled his tongue around my clit until I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled his face towards mine and kissed him hard. I ripped his boxers off and pressed his head hard against my soaking clit, slightly  probing inside. I moaned loud when he finally entered, feeling me fill up on the inside. He was agressive and thrusted hard, making me scream louder with each movement. His hands were around my throat choking me, making me wet. It wasn't long before neither of us could take it any longer and burst. He lay there on top of me panting while I shook from the orgasm.

He cuddled up together and finished out the movie we had paused when our passion exploded, his naked body pressed hard against mine. A drink or two more go by and we want each other again. I get off the bed and bend myself over our second bed. I rub my ass and ask him what he wants. He walks over until he's positioned behind me and puts his hands on my hips. His hands travel from my hips to my shoulders to my ass and back again. He shoved his hard dick into my pussy and thrusts hard, just once. He spanks me to show whose boss and begins thrusting again, rougher than he had before. He pulls out unexpectedly and crouches out to eat me out making me moan. His tongue travels my clit for just a minute before standing back up. Wrapping one fist around my hair and going deep, spanking me with his free hand. I get five minutes with his dick deep inside me before he pulls out once more to bring his mouth to my pussy. He's making me crazy and I push his tongue aside and begin to massage my clit with two fingers. He takes the hints and enters me again while I continue to rub myself. He scratches my back, thrusting harder. I collapse after my third orgasm and beg him to let me feel his. I scream for him and he complies. He body shakes behind me and I turn around to kiss him hard. We return to our first bed and pass out for the night.

We awake the next morning in each other's arms and smile slightly at the memory of the night before. Our hands begin to wander across our still naked bodies. Our mouths join for a series of deep kisses, our tongues exploring each other. He positions himself above me and gently teases my clit with his head. He pushes in and pauses, allowing me to feel the hard state of his cock inside me. He moves in and out while his hands are busy elsewhere. One hand surrounds my neck and the other my breast. He knows just the right pressure to apply on both. He thrusts in and out, getting faster and rougher. Our hips continually meeting creating moans on both ends. He holds out for me, making sure to orgasm at the same moment I do. We explode with moans and screams and crumble onto the bed. We hold each other until the tingling ends and we regain all feeling back in our limbs.

After this we slowly get dressed, gauging the other's reaction to the night before. We check out of the hotel room and grab lunch on the way back to his home. I park across the street from his house and we make promises to talk that night, see each other again. He starts to get out, but I call his name. I give him one more long kiss to say good bye. I drive the four hours back home and lay in bed thinking. I would see him again.


SJ said...

Like I said, I like you

Sammu! said...

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting to read that!! Haha ;)

Jess said...

I did warn you guys!