26 December 2010

Merry Christmas To All!

1It's finally over and boy am I stuffed! It was a great day overall. I'll recap in a minute. First I'd like to say a few things

I just want to thank all my followers and hope you all had the best day possible. You guys are the reason I do this and I hope we'll keep this up into the New Year. You guys are great, and last of all, Stay Classy San Diego.

Here are some Christmas trees for ya.

Nana's tree

My tree

Nana usually goes all out and this year was no exception. This is the first Christmas we've spent with her in I can't remember how long. Our tree is a little sparce but hey, it's our first Christmas in our new home. It served our purpose.

This was my day:
Wake up and make tea while checking food.
Make Delia's Peekaboo Tunnel.
Give Delia her presents: tunnel, new collar, cat nip mouse, and cat grass (yet to sprout)
Give Harley his presents: stocking with different chew toys, stocking with different treats
Watch A Dad For Christmas on Lifetime.
Get dressed.
Leave A Christmas Story running all day.
Present time!
     Mom: Dehydator
     Justin: XBox 360 with 3 games
     Myself: Pandora bracelet with 5 beads
                 It's absolutely beautiful, isn't it?!

After presents was dinner, though Harley tried eating the ham.
Mom went to work
I napped
Mom came home
Wine and video games
Buzzed Truth or Lies is pretty great.

That was pretty much my day and it was great! I'll write a lengthlier post tomorrow. Night world!

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