21 December 2010

The Witching Hour: The Explicit Version

It is now 1:34am and I should be sleeping. I have last minute shopping to do in the morning as I haven't gotten my brother a thing. Thank god I'm single, I couldn't handle another giftee. He'll most likely end up with a video game and I'll end up with a new pair of shoes. Because I deserve that little extra.

So what am I thinking about at this late hour? Well, what else would I be thinking?! If you know me at all, you know the answer. This is just going to be a rant adding to my previous post. But it has been three months afterall. A girl has her needs!! Fuck dry spells, and fuck people around here. Seriously, beauty standards don't change that much across state lines.
*Caution: This is about to get pretty graphic*
I want someone, who gives a fuck the gender, to look me in the eye, kiss my full lips, and choke the poop out of me. I wish I could get my Raleigh fling to drive the four hours here just to bend me over the side of the bed and spank me until I squeal. Pull my hair until my eyes water, claw my back until it bleeds. A wicked good romp to end this three month dry spell. Far too long for a little dynamo like myself to go without. I want to drink until I can't stand, smoke until my lungs hurt, and roll around with the hottie in the corner.

I think it's getting pretty obvious to my readers I'm a little bit sexually frustrated, but I'll try not to make most of my posts focus on that fact. Maybe if I lower my high standards, maybe. I just like being able to stomach my vomit during sex. Having a nice face to look at. Or better yet, a hot stomach. I am such a stomach girl it's rediculous. And accents, *shiver*, Australian, Italian, and Russian topping that list. But I do have a thing for Canadians... Hmmm.... That always did confuse people. XD

Oh! Seth is still in the cage. So you might want to comment that post and save him. If you want to see him alive that is, just saying. I was looking for what YOU, the reader would most like to read about. Legit anything. Photo adventures, childhood memories, sex stories, books, movies. ANYTHING! Get to it!

Well perhaps now I'll drift off to sleep and dream the dreams of sexually deprived young women. Fernando might just be the only boyfriend I'll have for awhile...


lika said...

Dr lika's advice is to make more use of your hand and masturbate a lot more often.
Merry christmas

Jess said...

Oh, Fernando keeps me satisfied enough. He's the best battery operated boyfriend a girl can have.

lika said...