31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Happy New Years Eve all. This is the final post of the year and I wanted to thank you all for holding on with me. I know I've been crazy, completely random, and sexually frustrated, but it's all been in good fun! You can never take me seriously, and I hope you never did!

The following is a brief summary of my year:
* Rang in the New Year at home.
* Dated John January 13th to February 12th.
* Huge single's dinner with the bestie for V-Day.
* Had a fling with John's best friend.
* Doyle! Best car ever.
* Met a boy I fell for, who moved that week, I held on for a month of silence and eventually gave up.
* Spent a week in NC looking at the new house in April.
* Began a silly relationship with a boy a week before moving to NC.
* Family Reunion in Provincetown.
* Left Cape Cod June 30th and arrived in Beulaville July 1st.
* Fourth of July with my uncle.
* Found a job rather quickly and began July 7th.
* In August, I made friends with a coworker.
* Include two drunken clubs nights and a tryst with a boy in Raleigh.
* I reject a boy who then wants to set me on fire.
* I lose job in November because new manager is epic bitch.
* Thanksgiving at home with whole family.
* Two day Biltmore vacation with family, absolutely beautiful.
* Christmas Eve at the nana's.
* Christmas at my home.
* Finally, a New Year's party at a friend's house tonight.

It's been an eventful year and hopefully this coming will be just as entertaining. As for resolutions, I never make them. But if I do have any this year it'll be to lose weight, make more friends, and do well in school.

Enjoy your parties and see you next year!

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