20 December 2010

Why North Carolina Is Killing My Social Life

While I would never say I was a slut in Massachusetts, others would in a heartbeat but I wouldn't, I always got plenty of action whenever I wanted it. I only had two partners in high school, I had two long term relatonships, and one fling in the summer before college. So I was slightly experienced, enough to know what I was doing basically. Believe it or not, my first college sex occured with a girl. We only hooked up twice but are still friends to this day. I always said I was going to wait until college to dive head first into the vag. From there I slowly added men whenever I felt necessary. By ths point, I had hook ups to choose from in both my hometown and my college town. It was pretty great to have that many people love my mad skillz and want repeat sessions. Threesomes by the way, totally over rated. I had one with two close friends and I was super jealous the entire time I wasn't the center of attention. I guess I'm just too selfish for multiple partner sessions. Oh well, one on one is just fine for me. I lost count of the number of times I've opened the shop, but not the customers. I like to think I'm still in good standing as long as I can remember all the names. The locations are pretty great as well. Everywhere from the standard bed to a park. Sometimes, the prospect of getting caught is half the fun. Massachusetts was great for my sex life.

Now jump to the present. North Carolina, I have been here for six months now. I have had one, only ONE, tryst in that six months. This is the longest dry spell my lady parts have seen partically since virginity. I have come to the conclusion this state is killing my social life. I have had some gentleman callers, but can you say gross? I have had only the ugliest of men hit on me with any intention of sex. I do get the occasional cutie flirting, but only to pass the time. Nothing serious. It's kind of a bummer. I would go after girls in this case, but being in bible country deters that just a little. It's pretty frustating moving sometimes. Ugh.

So here I am in my room. With no decent prospect and one engaged friend. Engaged friends aren't the greatest wingmen unfortunately. Hopefully this changes quite soon or I'll be forced to forever brand North Carolina "The State That Killed My Social Life".

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