11 December 2010

Your Great Day

I've been talking to a lot of people recently. Some friends I speak with almost everyday, some casual aquaintances, and some past boyfriends doing some catching up. I noticed a slight trend going on in most of these conversations. The majority of them are telling me about their current flames and how well they're doing. I'm hearing about all these "great days" and it's leaving me with a little bit of sadness dashed with bitterness.

I miss being someone's great day. I loved being with someone and knowing I could brighten their entire day just by being there. I love being the reason behind every smile and every sweet dream. I love being loved, it's honestly a great feeling though I like to pretend it isn't. I'm sure this is all still just new move lonliness I need to get over, but I tend to move slow with personal growth. Or maybe it just stems from Facebook forcing me to look at one of the few exes I regret splitting with, happy with his new girlfriend. Personally, I think she looks like a man, and an ugly one at that but that's just my opinion. He can do much better. I would say me, but I am 16hrs away afterall. XD

Today was also my mom's birthday, the big 44, so I made her a delicous cake. I spent all afternoon making it and it came out maybe not as great as I hoped, but still great. It was a two layer yellow cake with cream cheese frosting. The frosting I had made from scratch and was absolutely great. To top it all off, I threw Christmas sprinkles across it to make it look amazing. She was very happy with it, which made me even happier.

Well seeing as it's coming up on 2:30am, I should probably get my emotionally challenged butt in bed! Goodnight people of the interwebs, enjoy your dreams.

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