13 December 2010

The Dirty of Doing the Dirty

I was listening to talk radio on the way home tonight. The segment on was called "Hope Line" and people called in asking for advice on an array of different situations. Anything from money problems to man whore lifestyles. The latter sparked a massive debate with the listeners. So maybe I should give you this man's back story.

This man, about 28 year old, has a problem with commitment. After sleeping with a girl three or four times, he is no longer attracted to her and hits the road. He believes this stems from his high school years where after shagging number three, his friends encouraged him to make a game out of it. Like, how many girls can you bang, and how many can you date at one time? He wouldn't admit to how many girls he had run through, but did say it was over one hundred. Yes, one hundred women have had this penis inside them. Weird. But don't worry, he's been tested and is clean. Woo yoo! Great for him. Well, it seems as of now, said man wants to break this habit, hence him calling this advice hotline.

The majority of the listening population screamed for counsoling. He needs to get his sex addiction in check! He's trying to get validation through women, whom he treats like objects! He's an awful, awful person! I'm sure most were also screaming whore, but I guess this talk show was just a touch too clean for such a word. If I was that deejay, I would've been fired for laughing at all the comments.

Now this whole issue got me thinking, hence the whole reason for tonight's post. What happened to sex being a personal thing? When did it start becoming a contest? I mean, I like how open most people are about sex. It's not a hush hush thing anymore, people aren't ashamed. And we shouldn't be, it's a natural part of life and people need to accept that. I'm not preaching abstinence or waiting until marriage either. God knows I've never been married and I've enjoyed my fair share of sexual explots. I simply miss when it was a more special thing. When sex actually meant something, a moment being shared between the two individuals within the act.

Sex, for the most part, is a animalistic, primal urge. Most of us have felt it, lots of us deny it. Everyone get's horny, it's not really debatable. Every once in a while you get that incredible urge to rock someone's world. I feel it, you feel it, your neighbor feels it. It's what we do with that urge is the important manner. If you go outside and take the first decent looking person and proposition them, there's a problem. There needs to be more requirements in the selection than just the equipment. I feel there should be a connection a little deeper. Yes, yes, I know. I have indulged in the urge more than once, but I like to think it's not too common an occurrance in my life.

Sex is great, you should never be ashamed of anything you want when it comes to sex. Unless of course, you're more inclined to go after an animal or child, that's just weird. Me, I am very rarely embarassed about things when it comes to sex and openly discuss others opinions. I think it's great being so open. Sex is just as natural as going to the bathroom. Everyone does it, you just have to get used to it.


Nanoinfinity said...

I think it's most fair to just do what makes you happy. There are lots of people who just want to have fun for a while, and there's nothing wrong with that! It is only a bad thing when, as what happened to this man, it stops being what they want but they can't control it.

It's confusing being pro-sex because people think that automatically makes you pro-promiscuity. Yes, I am, but I don't think it's the only way to enjoy sex! Whatever you enjoy, it's your individual choice.

To use a non-politically motivated analogy, some people love cooking gourmet foods, some people will eat anything, some people occasionally like fast food and others have eating addictions. As long as it's not hurting your life, or anyone else's, "whatever floats your boat" applies!

Jess said...

My thoughts exactly. I know I've certainly enjoyed in casual sex more than once, and I love it. I just usually go after a friend who I know I can go back to. I am a female who will never deny loving sex.